Hello people! My name is Anup Mistry a.k.a The Mistry Diner….and I have a huge interest for all things food related! I love cooking, researching and learning about food. I even love the washing up after I cook food! I’ve decided to start this blog to showcase my passion.

Bit about me:

I’ve always had a keen interest in food from an early age. I used to avidly watch my mum and my grandmas cook their famous curries and roll roti (an Indian flatbread) with pinpoint accuracy. Both my grandmothers and my mum boast incredible RPM figures (Roti Per Minute). When I was about 7, I got my first experience in the kitchen when my mum made me peel potatoes. I was genuinely super excited and even though I thought I did well, I ended up making an absolute mess.

From then on, my interest in food really took off. I started making cakes for family birthdays and cooking at bbqs. The joy people show after tasting my food has spurred me on to keep cooking, it makes me happy when I make people happy through food. Whenever we used to have people round, my dad and I would make loads of special dishes as we loved to entertain our guests.

Travelling provides a huge inspiration. Whenever I go to a new country, I love trying new, unusual dishes. From deep fried crickets in Cambodia, to a raw sausage panini in Florence, I’m always looking for the next culinary masterpiece the world has to offer!